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Every course includes:

  • Videos

    All courses come with in depth videos sharing expertise beneficial to your learning experience. Listen along as I share valuable information through each section of the course!

  • Downloadable materials

    All courses come with downloadable materials that include important information, FAQs and charts that you can post anywhere you like as gentle reminders. Yours to keep forever!

  • Meditations

    Every course includes downloadable meditations that are yours to keep forever! Subtle 425 mhz music attunes mind & body serving a specific purpose. Each one is unique!


Owner and Instructor

Terri Beauchamp

Hi there! Allow me to introduce myself :) My name is Terri Beauchamp and I have been practicing in the holistic field for a number of years servicing clients in many areas including Animal Communication, Reiki, Reflexology, People readings, Meditation, Sound Therapy and much more. I have also had a number of years of experience in business and technology allowing me to combine both of these skills to provide quality online learning. I have a wonderful store on Hamilton Mountain, Ontario that serves both our local and online communities with many unique products. I have been teaching for awhile but a number of my clients around the globe have been asking for online course material since they are unable to come to my store physically. It's my honor to offer you my courses online and it's a privilege to teach you. My mandate is to provide you with sound advice, good quality material and the tools you need to become successful so that you can carry on the legacy and traditions needed to assist others (both people and pets). I don't just want to offer you the text book, I want you to be able to lend off of my experiences, have practical experience and provide you advice when you most need it. So you see, it's not just a course your buying, it's my legacy, my approach, my experience and much more. Each course I provide offers you tons of videos, downloadable materials, a group to converse with and lend off of other students as well as my personal review and feedback of case studies giving you the practical experience and knowledge you need to move forward. I wish you nothing but the best and success on your spiritual journey! Peace & Light :) Terri (

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